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J. Sánchez-Penzo
Two of Flesch's books have been released some time ago and are now available:
  • The original (German) edition of Violin Fingering: its Theory and Practice published - for the first time - and enhanced with a comprehensive introduction concerning Flesch's last years (1928 - 1944) by Prof. Dr. Kathinka Rebling, musicologist and violin pedagogue of Berlin, in 1995.
    This work can be considered as a dictionary of all fingering situations. It's quite amazing and admirable how Flesch could compile so many examples from the whole violin literature in spite of his other activities as outstanding soloist and pedagogue.
    Publisher: Peter Lang, Frankfurt/Main. ISBN: 3-631-46281-6.
  • A modern English re-translation of The Art of Violin Playing, Book One by Prof. Eric Rosenblith, former Flesch pupil and now Professor at the New England Conservatory, in March 2000. This new re-edited and re-translated issue with a foreword by Anne-Sophie Mutter is based on the second German edition of 1929, which included a number of new elements and revisions (by Flesch himself) not added to the 1939 English issue. It is truly remarkable how current Flesch's thinking is more than 75 years after its initial publication. In spite of the costs its production entailed, the publishers considered it worth to issue a fresh translation so that understanding the wisdom and concepts contained in Carl Flesch's book is no longer hampered by rather archaic language mannerisms and expressions.
    Publisher: Carl Fischer, New York. ISBN 0-8258-2822-8.

4.1 Books and Articles:


  1. Interleaved with a Dutch translation by A. J. Zijderlaan
  2. English text by Frederick H. Martens.
  3. English text by Eric Rosenblith.
  4. Transcripted for viola, cello and doublebass and published by Ries & Erler, Berlin in the first half of the 1990s. The viola transcription was made by M. Rostal.
  5. English text by Gustav Saenger.
  6. Published and enhanced with a comprehensive introduction concerning Flesch's last years by Kathinka Rebling.
  7. Official name: '51. Jahresbericht der Staatlichen Akademischen Hochschule für Musik in Berlin'
4.2 Musical Works Edited or Transcripted by Flesch:

Most of the list of musical works written and edited by Flesch was compiled by Cheniston K Roland, Violin Historian of Liverpool.